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In March 2011, the CRBS began offering IT support services, via recharge, that include:


    • Virtualization
    • Network design, implementation and troubleshooting
    • Large data storage (100+ terabytes)
    • 3rd party software integration
    • Databases
    • Automation
    • High Performance Computing (HPC)

    • Initial support with design, implementation, configuration, authentication, etc, is available at an hourly rate
    • Monthly cost based on memory, CPU and data storage requirements
    • You manage your VM, or use our infrastructure for repeatable, scalable VM deployment

    • Single-copy Storage
      • suitable for backing up primary data stored elsewhere on campus
      • suitable for backing up workstations and laptops
      • minimal access - update backups, recover lost data
      • includes technical support related to data storage
    • Replicated Storage
      • provides primary data storage
      • includes 2nd copy backup snapshots stored at an alternate on-campus location
      • data is accessible to applications and/or computers via NFS or Samba
      • includes technical support related to data storage and data access issues

For additional information, CLICK HERE or contact Sean Penticoff at or 858-246-0305

Technologies we support:

  • Active Directory
  • Apache
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • HubZero
  • LDAP
  • MariaDB
  • MySQL
  • NFS
  • Postgres
  • Samba
  • Solaris
  • VMWare
  • ZFS
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